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9 months of 2020, 1/2 season 2020 done

9 months of 2020 done, 1/2 of season 2020 done. It´s insane how fast time has passed by this year, when in fact it felt like everything was standing still for 3 months. I was in Norway working as an instructor when from one day to another everything led to a total lockdown. As many of you know, Sweden didn’t follow this strategy, however “life as before” was not what we continued with – many things changed for us as well. For me personally, and professionally, almost all of the activities got cancelled. Testing, filming, lectures, instructor work, meetings, yes. Pretty much everything got cancelled. I´m a person that likes to be in control, to know everything on forehand with no space for uncertainty. Well, now you think I got myself into the wrong business, right? A business that is constantly changing, going into other directions, where you have to keep your mind open and see where the road leads you. In the end this is the part I struggle the most with, to find the calmness in letting things sort its way out. However, it is also the part that, when looking back at positive events, is that excites me the most!

I mean, who thought I would test drive a huge offroad SUV, fully electric, for a few years ago? I can tell you - I didn’t! Or that I´d present the worlds first fully electric touringcar for an audience? I didn’t have that in my plan when starting racing in 2012, but I´m extremely happy to look back now and see, that it came into “my plans”.

So, for 2020 many things got postponed, and delayed, so when things started it was like a boom – short time between my car being delivered for STCC, testing, first race, second race, and now. Now 50% of the season is already done. It has not been the start I´ve dreamed of. However like I said on my last Instagram/Facebook post, “I love this sport, I love what I do, maybe this is a shitty situation – but I will get over it and continue to try to do what I love.”

I have a team and people around me now, pushing everything for us to get back to where we should be. Learn from what´s been, continue to search. To not give up.

We have 2 more weekends in STCC, and hopefully testing will Continental and Extreme E will start again soon. I know deep down that I love to do this, that I have a fire burning inside for this sport. My goal is to keep that fire burning. //Mikaela

The new CUPRA Leon Competitión - PWR Racing Team, Joakim Åström

PWR Racing Team, Joakim Åström

PWR Racing Team, Joakim Åström

From last years drive with Continental and Extreme E at Goodwood Festival of Speed

Pic from a shooting with Canon photographer Sophie Odelberg

Photo: Sophie Odelberg

Photo: Sophie Odelberg

Photo: Sophie Odelberg


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