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To check off Jyllandsringen on the map!

For the first time I´ll drive around Jyllandsringen in my CUPRA TCR, debut on racing in Denmark for me!

Usually I spend one or two weeks every May month working as an instructor at Jyllandsringen, and I always love the spring atmosphere in the air in the little town Silkeborg close to the track. Maybe because I know I usually then have a full season ahead of me, and you have the "beginning" of a new chapter feeling.

Now I´ll head to Denmark and Jyllandsringen for the 2nd last round of the year, and oh my where did this year go?! I sometimes look back at pictures on my phone, to remind myself of what actually has been the last months. And I´m lucky, because I´ve had good racing weekends, nice times with friends and family, inspiring and exciting events with sponsors, this not only in Sweden but also in England, Germany and Norway. You can't always be sentimental and "stuck" in the past, but when events like the last one at Spa happens, you look back and realize how precious life is. 22 years is way too young to leave this earth, way too young. The Sport we love bring us so many memories, experiences and takes us to places people dream of going to their whole life. But this Sport can also be cruel, and dangerous. So Anthonie, may you rest in peace. We race for you this weekend. #ah19 The weekend will be quite unusual since we race Friday - Sunday, and no warm up on the Sunday:

Friday: FP1 17:24 Saturday: FP2 12:00 - Q1 16:25 - Q2 16:50 Sunday: R1 11:30 - R2 15:25 Live coverage: SBF Play - PWR Instagram - PWR Facebook

Love, and take care of eachother. Mikaela

Photos: PWR Racing Team, Joakim Åström

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