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Mikaela Ahlin-Kottulinsky

1992-11-13 Gothenburg, Sweden

Current series:



Mikaela was born in Karlstad, Sweden, into a motorsports family. With her grandfather Freddy Kottulinsky, only Swede to win Paris Dakar, also a part of the development of Audi’s four wheel drive system; quattro and Audi Driving Experience, her mother Susanne Kottulinsky who won the European Championship in Rally and her father Jerry Åhlin who won the Junior Swedish Rally Championship, and her brother Fredrik Ahlin with the goal to become World Rally Champion, you may think she didn’t have any choice but to join into the motorsport world. But, til she was 12 years old, Mikaela resented everything that was spelled “motorsport”.
It was all then about gymnastics and dancing!

At the age of 12 Mikaela inherited her brother’s gocart, and from there on her journey begun. After 7 years in karting, a win 2005 in the final of MKR, 4th place 2009 in the Swedish Championship in Rotax Max, and many podiums, Mikaela stepped up to touringcar racing.

Autumn 2011 Mikaela was one of 12 girls in FIA Women In Motorsport’s shootout to Volkswagen Scirocco R-Cup. After several tests at Oschersleben, Mikaela finished 2nd, and got the possibility to race in Volkswagen Scirocco R-Cup 2012 as a junior driver.

The first season was tough, with a best result of 13th place at Oschersleben. 2013 season was a big step forward, where Mikaela finished for the first time on the podium, 2nd place at Nürburgring, and winner of the Junior Cup there!

For season 2014 Mikaela was a pro-driver, since it was her third season in Volkswagen Scirocco R-Cup. This year her speed was almost always on top, which resulted in a historical win at Norisring 28th June 2014. Never in 17 years of Volkswagens racing history, a girl had stepped up on the top of the podium. Not until this day.

“When playing the Swedish anthem, I realised a dream had come true. This is definitely the best day of my life so far!”

Back at the Volkswagen Hospitality tent, Mikaela got standing ovations from the whole crowd, an action that had never happened before.

In the year 2014 Mikaela also gained some experience in Rallycross. Her long time friend, and also mechanic, Joel Christoffersson had started his own RX team, JC Race Teknik. Here Mikaela competed in 5 events in Supercar Lites with JC Race Teknik. Her best result was the week after Norisring, at FIA World RX in Höljes, where she placed 5th overall in Supercar Lites.

At the end of the season 2014 Volkswagen decided to end their one make cup racing.Audi took their place and decided to start a new series for 2015, the Audi Sport TT Cup.165 persons applied for the series, and 18 drivers where chosen to compete in the cup, where Mikaela is one of them. 


Best result in 2015 was a 3rd place at Norisring, and 2 times fastest laptime overall. 


In 2016 Mikaela raced in the highly rated racing series ADAC GT Masters, together with Aust Motorsport and team-mate Marco Bonanomi. (Audi Sport Factory driver)

For 2017 she became a member of Audi Sport racing academy and raced in ADAC GT Masters with them, together with team mate Ricardo Feller. 
She also raced in the Scandinavian Touringcar Championship, STCC with PWR Racing Junior Team.


In 2018 a new chapter started for Mikaela, as she raced for PWR Racing - SEAT Dealer Team in the Scandinavian Touringcar Championship. "It's for sure one of the biggest steps in my career to race in PWR's main team and current STCC Champions". Last season was a very educative season for me, new car and many tracks that I hadn't even seen before. Both the team and I have set high goals for the season, and I'm really looking forward to race in the new brand Cupra."

In 2018 Mikaela once again wrote history, with winning a STCC race as the first ever female driver. A team effort from start to finish, and an indescribable joy! 2019 she started off the season with a strong pole and lights to finish win, followed by 5 other podiums throughout the season and overall P6 finish in the series.

2019 also marked a new era for Mikaela, heading into the electrical and off-road segment with announcing her partnership with Continental. Together they develop the tires for Extreme E, and all new offroad electric series that will face the stage in 2021. 

"Off-road is in my blood with my Grandfather winning the Paris-Dakar in 1980, and now with the motorsport switching over to electric racing I'm thrilled to be a big part in this change and development."

Besides the racing Mikaela is working at Audi Driving Experience, and also at Kottulinsky Driving Event. She likes to spend time with friends and family, workout at Totusfitness, and she loves to dance and listen to music!





Mikaela Ahlin-Kottulinsky

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