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2020 - let´s get this decade started!

Sorry for the very poor update here, saying that I´ve had a busy schedule is true but not an excuse. Ended the season with a podium, P3, for Britt-Marie and her last dance since she was sold shortly after the last race. Happy to bring home one last podium for her and the team, especially since also the news came out that Lisa, my chief mechanic for 2018-2019 will make another turn in her motorsport life. That not saying that she might come back later, (which I hope for, GRL PWR!) but at least not for 2020. Thankful for all the things we´ve achieved together, the support she´s given me on and off track! Shortly after the last race I went to France for the very first proper test with ODYSSEY 21, XE car and oh my (!!!!!!!) that´s an epic car!!! So, so much fun driving it, and the power it has - unbelievable! All in all a very valuable test for all of us, testing the Continental tires, making more progress there as well on the car, and for me as a driver to get more familiar with it. For all Continental Extreme E content, click on here Testing was followed by numerous of different events, everything from lectures to visting the FIA in Paris, this leading to my 2020 place in the FIA Electric and New Energy Championship Commission. A place I´m very honored to have earned, to be able to contribute to the commissions work and be a part of this switch within motorsport.

For winter time I´ve gotten some drifting sessions on the ice, and yet more is to come! Currently writing this post as I´m waiting on my connecting flight to Rovaniemi for the Continental Tuning event, stay tuned on my social media for updates :-)

Also I´m starting this decade as a member of National Team Sweden - extremely honored to take a place there, with the goal to enter the international stage in the future! Below some pics from end of 2019, and beginning of 2020.

I´m not sure yet what 2020 has to offer for me, a situation many racing drivers are in during silly season. Sure, it is tough not to know and easy to get stressed, but I´m trying not to. (Even though it´s definitely not easy haha!) So as in many cases in life, time will tell :-)


Photo from Red Bull camp with the ladies, photographer: Sophie Odelberg

Photo from testing in France with Continental and Extreme E, photographer Shiv Gohil / Spacesuit Media

Photo from the visit to FIA in Paris, leading to my spot in FIA ENECC

Photo from visiting the Extreme E HQ after Autosport Awards, also together with the XE Team

Photo from one of the lectures I held end of 2019. This one from Women Entrepreneurship Day, WED

Interview and photo time for VF, about racing in the past - racing now - and racing for the future!

Drifting time in Åre and now next - Continental Tuning Event in Rovaniemi!

Drifting + snow = Happy Mikaela!


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