I might be alone behind the steering wheel, but without the people and companies listed below, the driving

wouldn´t be possible.


Racing is about teamwork, and I am so happy that all of you want to be a part of my team!


PARTNERS_Rityta 1.jpg

Mikaela is since 2017 a member of the Red Bull Family, and therefor a Red Bull Athlete.
Red Bull gives you wiiings!


Partner since 2017, a technique company which provides overall solutions to your company. They also support and promote women, high five on that!


Scania has been supporting Mikaela since her first season in STCC 2017, and the Scania Trucks is her second home at the race track!



Lennart Augustsson, Mikaela mental coach since mid 2017. A person that Mikaela is grateful to cooperate with, and highly recommend others to cooperate with. A great result starts with a great mindset!

bruse1_Rityta 1.png

Cooperation partner since 2012. A company with a lot of various products, take a visit to their homepage and discover their range!

Looking for building material, this is the place to go to! Cooperation partner since 2013.


Looking for a job within the VAG Group in Sweden? This is the place to have a look at then! Everything from mechanic to service jobs.


Lasse Methola, designs and paint’s Mikaela’s racing helmets.

Professional and amazing!



Provides Mikaela with her racing gear for the season, fantastic quality, and they also look great!


A famous restaurant in Stockholm. Here Mikaela has her annual celebration with her cooperation partners, friends and family after each season.
Amazing food, amazing personnel and a very nice owner! 

The local Audi Dealer in Karlstad. Have supported Mikaela since the start of her carrier, and are always a helping hand in all occasions.
When looking for a car, this is the place to visit!


Local gym in Karlstad. Great personnel, good local and very enjoyable (as in fun, NOT easy!) group training. To become a good racing driver you have to be fit!

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