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Launch of XE car at Goodwood, TCR S at Falkenberg

So I promised my friends that were getting married that I´d do my best. Of course a win in Skellefteå was the goal, but ending up P2 was okey for them since they said that "silver is more beautiful than gold"... ;-) Really happy to have a strong car and pace in the races, and next up on the calendar will be Falkenberg!

We are back to racing Saturday - Sunday this time, and schedule will be: Saturday: FP 1 09.00

FP 2 13.30

Q1 16.40

Q2 17.00

Sunday: Warm Up 09.00

Race 1 13.00

Race 2 15.20

Follow us live at: SBF Play

PWR Racing Team: Facebook - Instagram - Homepage

One week ago though I was at Goodwood Festival of Speed, to be present at the launch of the Extreme E car.

All I can say is, oh my freaking g*d this is going to be epic!!! That car, with those tires is insane!!!

First proper testing will take place around mid September, and I seriously cant wait for this new experience! For more info, please visit either Continentals page: Continental

Or Extreme E page: Extreme E

Now though, gearing up for race weekend! //Mikaela

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