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Bucket list time, final dance -19

Last race weekend was a struggle, and after its up and downs I was happy to come home with a P5 and P6. But as a competitor, you always want more ;-)

Let´s hope Mantorp brings us that! In between I´ve spent some time with friends, did some events for Continental, CUPRA aswell as Scania. So couple of busy days, but in between then I managed to check off one thing on my Bucket list. Ireland! Oh my what a beautiful country, I definitely recommend you to take a visit! Countryside and national parks were amazing, and I´d love to go back for another visit and see more. I believe it´s good to every now and then do something completely separated from racing. Don´t get me wrong, when I do what I love the most and I´m having a good time, there are few other things that makes me as happy as racing.

However, that´s not always the case and for me it´s important to still have other joyful events in life. So, girl weekend in Ireland, events in Gothenburg - thank you! I really enjoyed it. But like I said, now it´s final dance time! Last race weekend of the TCR Scandinavia, and as usual at Mantorp.

We have a chance to win the team championship still, will be a tough fight but we´ll do our best! As well as getting me in the top 5. Tough fight, but we´re in it to win it. Your live link for the weekend: For pictures and personal updates: PWR Facebook - PWR Instagram

Friday and Saturday weekend: Friday:

FP1 11.00 FP2 13.25 Q1 15.35

Q2 16.00 Saturday: Warm Up 09.00

R1 12.55

R2 15.28

Last dance.

Let´s make it a good one! //M

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