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Approaching the grid for the final race 2020

Final race of STCC season 2020 is about to begin, and it´s going to be a thrilling one since the championship title is very much alive.

Therefor we´ll do everything we can to bring it home to the team, and Robert.

When it comes to Mantorp we had a strong race game, giving us a 2 x P3. So good to be back on the podium!

For the final weekend we´ll be racing: Friday:

FP1 09:00

FP2 13:30

Q1 16:45

Q2 17:10


R1 10:35

R2 14:10

R3 15:35 Follow us live via STCC +, or for updates, PWR Racing Team social media.

Thank you for your endless support!




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