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New lid on my home race!

Hey you guys!

The long summer break has come to an end, or well on Friday it has :-)

Last race on Falkenberg was a good one, with a P4 on the FP2 just before quali we were confident to make a good qualifying.

Just minutes before rolling out, the rain poured down and we took a wrong decision - leading to a P14 in quali. We definitely deserved better, and since Falkenberg is a very tough track to overtake on we "only" came home with a P9 and point finish in race 2.

However, happy once again with the speed and looking forward to put it all together!! During the summer break I got my new helmet for the season, with the Red Bull design. See pics of it further. I think it´s EPIC and AWESOME! I love it!!!

So for the weekend I´ll use it for the first time during a race. (used it a bit on a test day at Rudskogen in Norway and yes, it fulfilled its misson as a helmet ;-) )

This w/e race will be at Gelleråsen, and since it´s the track closest to the town were I grew up it´s safe to call it my home race :-) (If saying the track I´ve made the most laps on is my home racetrack, then Gelleråsen isn't the one. That´d be Oschersleben if that was the case haha! But then I prefer Gelleråsen ;-) ) As always, you can follow my weekend and results on PWR Racing Team homepage or Facebook page.

This w/e will be a bit different, because of time issues we´ll have our FP1 on Friday evening, FP2 and Qualifying on Saturday and then as usual Race 1 and 2 on Sunday. Exact schedule will be:

Friday: FP1 - 17.30 Saturday: FP2 - 12.00

Q1- 15.05


Warm Up - 09.00 R1 - 12.50

R2 - 15.20

Hope to see you there, or at least have you cheering on me online :-)

Cheers! Mikaela

Photo credit: PWR Racing Team, Daniel Ahlgren

Falkenberg 18

Me and my tire mechanic Elina

Me, (some guy from another team) and Jonas!

I have a phone during the weekends, but only with offline music on it. So no connection to the internet world!

Smiles after FP2

Studying data with my engineer Marcus

This should´ve been a "don't cut too much" as a rally pace note...

As I wrote on Instagram - My summer crush -18

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