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WR, SEAT Fit -> Go time!

I´m sure you´ve all already heard/read about the World Record in Luleå with Kjeld Nuis and Red Bull, but wow what an amazing experience! Not only being a part of a World Record, but also to see all the work that had been put behind starting already 2 years ago! Amazing crew and so nice to work with Kjeld, a very down to earth guy despite being the fastest man on earth on speed skates! Quite shortly after Luleå I headed to Vikmanshyttan, where the workshop and heart of my racing team PWR Racing is! SEAT fitting to prepare for what starts tomorrow, my first taste of the Cupra :-) There where moments when I thought I wouldn't race this year, so realizing now that tomorrow is go time is almost the same feeling as being the new kid in school. Very excited, but also nervous about it!

Have a great Sunday peeps,

Cheers! Mikaela

93 km/h - so impressive!

Not sure what I'm saying here, something smart I hope ;-)

Focus! ;-)

Thanks for letting me be a part of it all!

SEAT fitting

"Can we drive now please?"

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