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Half time - long time no see!

Hey guys,

Very sorry for the poor updates this year. Plan was to make a new website in the beginning of the season and therefore the blog got forgotten.

Once again, sorry for that - so here follows a BIG update from what´s been! If we handle my main program first for this year, ADAC GT Masters with Audi Sport racing academy, it´s been a challenging season so far. As a new team into GT Masters, with an even tougher opponents this year compared to last year has not been easy.

But, as #LeagueOfPerformance we welcome challenges and last race we did our best result so far: P13! Main goal is to always improve, and to be within top 10 is for sure our ambition.

We´ve had 4 race weekends so far, and have now 3 left: Nürburgring - Sachsenring - Hockenheim.

To be racing with my team mate Ricardo Feller has worked out very well, he´s very fast and we make a good duo.

We´ve had (and still have) our coaches Rahel Frey and Pierre Kaffer with us during the weekends, a great opportunity to get tips and learn from their experience. Very happy to have Rahel as a coach, since she´s now been my idol for a few years.

My second program this year has been and is STCC together with PWR Racing Junior Team. I didn´t think I´d enjoy racing in Sweden this much as I have, but obviously: I do! I felt straight away comfortable with the team, and an enormous support from their side. For every race weekend (3 done so far, 2 left) we´ve improved our work and set up with the car, and so has also my speed compared to the other Swedish races. Last weekend we had top 6 times, so now the goal for the next rounds is to get it all together also for the qualifying´s and race´s. I feel lucky to be able to race this much, in total 12 race weekends, and around 15 test days.

For a football player that might sound little, but for me as a racing driver, that´s a lot! I do know though, that´s there is and has been lots of work behind it. To get to this point, racing this much. Also during the season it´s tough work, to improve, learn from mistakes, and staying positive in tough times. In the end what motivates me is: happiness. When I enjoy driving, when I smile and when I´m simply happy. That´s the thing that brings me and pushes me forward - the goal to smile. So I guess conclusion now, half time into the season is: I wanna do things that makes me happy, makes me smile. So that´s what I will do. That means; Onto Nürburgring! Love to you all,


Happiness after P13 in Zandvoort!

One of my favorite tracks of the season - Red Bull Ring

Strolling around at Falkenberg in my PWR Racing Junior Team suit

My Audi RS3 LMS in Sweden


Members of Audi Sport racing academy

Pic in the making for ADAC GT Masters

PWR Racing

Track walk with PWR Racing Team owner Daniel Haglöf

STCC Falkenberg

Here we look a bit like twins, heh? ;-)

Determined to step forward.

Interview in the making for ADAC GT Masters

ADAC GT Masters Zandvoort

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