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STCC with PWR Racing Junior Team, Audi RS3 LMS

Press release from PWR Racing Team: (Press the link for release in Swedish)

PWR Racing - Junior Team can proudly present Mikaela Ahlin-Kottulinsky as their driver in STCC 2017. Mikaela has earlier competed in Audi Sport TT Cup and ADAC GT Masters, and she will drive an Audi RS3 LMS in STCC 2017. - To take the step into STCC together with PWR Racing, Audi and their dealers, Scania and the teams main sponsor Combitech is a big step in my career and a great possibility to develop as a driver. The team is ranked as the best team in STCC for season 2017 and I´m really looking forward to race together with them this year, says Mikaela Ahlin-Kottulinsky.

Audi Sweden has been a partner to Mikaela for several years, and together with Mikaela they´re closing the partnership with PWR Racing along side with Scania and SEAT whom also been a partner to the team since earlier seasons. The car that Mikaela will race in has it´s roots in the car version of the Audi RS3 Sedan, now rebuilt by Audi Sport to fit into the international TCR regalement that STCC will use during 2017.

- That Mikaela will compete in Sweden in our new Audi RS3 LMS is something we look very positive at. This together with PWR Racing felt like a natural choice since they´ve represented other brands within the VAG Group very successfully earlier seasons, says Tom Hedström, Head of Marketing at Audi Sweden. Mikaela will due to schedule clashes drive 5 out of 7 race weekends in STCC.

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