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My 3 month pre season challenge

I have a diary where I write up all things I need to remember. My meetings, race-weekends, tests, things I have to do, birthdays, etc.

Since I have a lot of things happening around me, I guess you can understand that I use this diary/calendar very often. Every week there's a quote on the bottom of the right page. This weeks quote was: "It's not about what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters" In 2016 lots of things happened. I had my tough times. But with right people around me, I managed to work my way through it. And, that's my goal once again.

To keep my head up high, fight hard, and walk through this stronger than ever. This Tuesday I was doing gymnastics training, like I usually do when I'm at home and have time to do so.

I did a (for me, since I did gymnastics on the highest level for 12 years) quite easy front flip, and actually I did it too good, so I landed under the trampolin, and hit the protection cover with my right food. This resulted in a broken foot, which meant: Plaster for 8 weeks, and then crutches for another 4 weeks. Belive me, when the doctor said 12 weeks on crutches for me, I cried like I've never cried before. Never. But those tears needs to get out, before you can start looking at the positives. In 12 weeks time, it will be end of March. Thats just before my season starts. Which means I won't miss my season.

I will have a plaster yes, but I will still be able to work out. I'm sponsored by the best rehab gym in Karlstad, and it looks like I'll also be able to get great help in Stockholm too. So once again, I'll come back stronger than ever. I'll still be able to work as an instructor on the ice with Audi, I'll still be able to go to my planned events with Audi and others. I'll just have to jump around on crutches, nothing more special than that.

I refuse to give up, and to say no to things. As long as it's possible to jump around on crutches on the event/work/happening, yes whatever, I'll do it. Cause can you imagine how strong my arms will be after these 3 months? There will be 0 problem to steer a racing car with them! Another positive thing, is that I'll reduce my usage of socks and shoes with 50%. Less washing!!

No but okey, I'll be serious again now. For sure this is not what I've wished for, but there's nothing els to do than to see the positive things, focus on them, and ride through this storm. I have amazing things to look forward to in 2017, and I'll fight harder than ever to be as prepared for them as I can. In the best possible way I can.

And honestly, things could really be worse.

I'm very grateful for all the sweet messages and support I've gotten from all around the world, because this is the time when I need it the most. In my dark times, it will be just this that I need. You guys cheering on me, pushing me forward.

It's together with you that I will get through this. So thank you for now, and thank you in advance.

I guess then, that my quote couldn't be more right. It's about how I react to this that matters. And this is my reaction;

Let's rock these crutches for 3 months, and then let's continue rocking 2017's season like I've never done before! //M

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