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Hey peeps!

The weeks and days are just rushing by, soon 2016 is over! Work for 2017 is on for 100 %, and as you know it's been a while. Which means most of my days are filled with phone calls, work behind the computer and different meetings. But, lately I've done a few interesting things, and also this week I'm up to some exciting stuff.

Firstly though when I was at home I got to do some training, in combination with gingerbread baking haha... What do you like my personal edition of gingerbread? ;-)

Then last week, Thursday till Sunday I was acting as a stunt driver in a commercial for Audi Sweden. The recording took place in a ski resort called Idre Fjäll here in Sweden. We got so much cool footage, and I'm stoked to see the result! Will for sure be epic. Fun part though was that I was acting to be Emelie Wikström, and she's blond to that wasn't that hard. When I had to be Maria PH though.... They put a wig on my head, and I looked pretty funny haha! Anyway, a super cool experience to be a part in such a big production like this one. For this week I'm in another ski resort, Åre (I'm here every winter for Audi, so guess you've seen this name before) with Red Bull for the Red Bull Nordics Conference.

Just now I had a lecture, or yeah, basically told my story to all wings girls and all student brand manager guys. Such a good opportunity to meet everyone, and present myself to my "new family" :-) Tomorrow the rest of the Red Bull crew from all the nordic countries will come, and what's up then is still a secret! We'll see I guess.... ;-) All the best, M

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