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A night to remember

My friend said to me, "it was like watching you getting married. I could've had the most boring evening, but seeing you smile so much, seeing you so happy, made me happy." Last Saturday I had over 50 people gathered to celebrate my season, and my 24th birthday. If there's one thing I've realized this year, it is how valuable my friends and family are to me. I feel trust and support from each one of them, and maybe that's why I was comfortable enough to sing in front of them.... This Summer 2 of my friends told me I was good at singing, so this was something I took a hold on.

I seriously thought I was maybe quite okey, and told this to the rest of my family, and friends. Without me knowing, my mum and cousin/best friend organized karaoke for this evening, and made me sing "mamma mia" in front of everyone... Sadly though, I realized after singing that no. I am not good at singing... ;-) So I'll stick to racing! Have a nice Sunday all of you, cheers. M

Yepp, Idol Mikaela Ahlin-Kottulinsky

I think Jespers face says it all....

Cheers to and for all of them.

Mum organized a limo for "ms highlife" as my family likes to call me...


With my best advisor, Göran!

Me, just a bit thinner hehe.

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