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One year, and one season older....

My season in ADAC GT Masters is over, so is my 23rd year on this earth!

This Saturday I had my end of season dinner with family, friends and sponsors, and during the night I also turned 24. You can say it was like a wrap up of the season 2016 in every possible way. My last race was made in Hockenheim a few weeks ago, my last go-cart event for the Audi Dealers were made just a few days before this dinner, also my last planned event for Audi Sweden was made a few weeks earlier.

So from that point, it was and is, only focus on 2017. Focus forward. I said this Saturday, that I couldn't have been more happy about my step into the GT3 world. It's been a challenging year, that's for sure. But I have learned so much, I've developed so much, and I don't regret anything.

I've been up to many things from the last race in Hockenheim, so here under are some pics from the different events I've done;

Hockenheim, last rounds in ADAC GT Masters this year! We finished P10 in race 1, best result of the year!

Pre-grid talk

For Hockenheim my usual team-mate Marco Bonanomi had to be in Barcelona, so Pierre Kaffer took his place! We had a good time and weekend

Directly after Hockenheim I was invited to a go-cart-race in Saalbach, Team Wildcats2 finished in the end P2!

First go-cart race of in total 7 in the SVÅ Audi Racing Dealer Challenge! Winners in race 1 was Audi Ö-vik, Nordemans Bil!

Ladies Race Day at Red Bull Ring, over 100 girls on the race track! Just one boy, Carlos Sainz could attend as a guest.

Directly after RBR I went to Ring Knutstorp, for a track day with KAK (Royal Automobil Club) together with my friend Victor!

2nd gocart-race, this was won by Audi Danderyd!

3rd race, winners? Audi Norrköping!

I've given my old race suit to my local gym, KMTI for a few months time. Thanks for making me stronger and better!

4th race in Halmstad, won by Audi Värnamo, Svenstigs!

5th race in Gothenburg, where also the locals won the race!

Same story was at the last "part" race, in Malmö Audi Malmö won!

Last Audi event for the year, this was Ladies Only at Audi Atteviks in Jönköping! Was nice to meet the skier Emelie Wikström there. Girl power!

Joined my brother for his last round in rallying this year, Rally Wales. Unfortunately not a good one, but at least we had a nice last evening in England!

Pic from this Saturdays end of season dinner at Atelier23 by Pontus. Great food, good drinks and amazing people!

This is what I call true love and genuin support!

Now it's all about 2017 for me, and also my move to Stockholm. Like I said, focus forward! Cheers, M

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