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Italy: Gran Premio Nuvolari and Karting!

I'm in love with this country, wow simply wow! I did Gran Premio Nuvolari with my sponsor Bruse in an Triumph, this as a co-driver.

Gran Premio Nuvolari is an oldtimer historic rally, driving aprox 1055 km around in Italy. I saw so many amazing places, views, and also tracks! Had the honor to drive at Imola, which has always been a dream of mine. Out of more than 300 cars we finished P78, and for me as a first time co-driving (with my difficulties with left and right) I have to say it's not a bad result! Happy with that, but more happy with the experience! After the rally I stayed a few days in Italy, visiting my team-mate Marco.

On the Tuesday we went to South Garda Karting, Lonato, to drive some proper gocart. I haven't driven a professional go-cart since 2010, my last year of competing in Sweden, and omg what I've missed it! The feeling being so close to the tarmac, seeing the wheels again (haha!) and just the feeling of speed gets even more real. It was great fun, and I will for sure not wait another 6 years till I do it again! Here some pics from my trip in Italy, enjoy :-) //M

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