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Racereport Zandvoort 19-21 august


This was defenately my toughest challenge so far. I was told before that it was a tricky track but did not realize how hard it actually was until I started my first free practice. The track is very narrow and has no room for mistakes because then you end up in gravel or in the wall. I understod then that I would need time and experience on the track tro improve my laptimes.


Even though I wanted to improve quickly I also knew that time was all I needed and that was exactly what free practice 2 was all about. I did not improve my laptimes that much but felt as if I got a little more experience to go in to qualifying.

Qualification 1

I got my tempo up a little bit and was 2 seconds faster in qualifying than in the free practice. Unfortunately everybody else had more experience on the track and also improved a lot in qualifying. This caused me to end up in P25 in qualifying. I was happy about going 2 seconds faster but realized that my limited time on the track was defenately not to my advantage.

Race 1

I started as P25 and got an okay start without any incidents. I fought to gain on the other cars and moved up 5 places before I handed of to Marco. Marco then took the car to P15 and which was a pretty good placement and we were really looking forward to go even faster in race 2!

Qualification 2

For the first time this weekend the track was wet and Marco had to go out on raintires and really did a good job in the tricky weather. Marco did a good job in qualifying ending up in P9 which got us a really good starting position for race 2!

Race 2

The first part of the race was dry and we started on slicks. The rain came in after about 15-20 min and this caused chaos in the pitlane due to many cars wanting to switch tires. Some cars decided to stay on the wet track with slicks and the others changed to raintires. We decided to stay on slicks and Marco did a really good job staying on the track and keeping the position against other cars on raintires. Just minutes before the drivers change the track started to dry up. It was dry enough for us to remain on slicks. I changed into the car in P8 and kept my position for a few laps when we had a safety car situation. After the restart I made a mistake and got out in the gravel. After the fastest part on the track when you drive over a hill where the car gets really light on the rear I got oversteering and that caused me to go off the track. I came out as P15 and managed to keep that position. My laptimes was good but of course I was disappointed to lose a potential top 10 finish due to a mistake on my part.

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