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Summer break!

It's now 3 weeks since Lausitzring, and the start of the "summer break" for ADAC GT Masters. Next race will be 22nd of July at Red Bull Ring, which means I have some time in between to catch up with friends and family.

But as you already know, my life is not all about racing-weekends, there's also lots of work and other events! I just wanted to make a short update on what's happened since Lausitzring in my life, and also what's coming up next :-)

1: Day off at Garda Lake with my team-mate Marco, and two of my best friends Sara and Jenny! 2: VGS Studio, where I gave a short update to the Volkswagen Group about my season so far.

3. Got the opportunity to tell 120 persons at Karlskoga Motorsport Week about my racing and my way to where I am now, and how I plan to reach my goal, DTM. 4. Audi Track Day at Gelleråsen, about 25 RS and S audi cars. This man gave me the permission to take his R8 out for a spin!

5. Audi Driving Experience at Nürburgring, Scherer Group Event.

Next up for me is work for Audi Sweden, Audi Sport Tour and maybe a visit to the famous RX weekend in Höljes! All the best,


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