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Racereport 3-5 juni 2016 Lausitzring

Free practice 1 & 2

Both the free practice and the qualification was on Friday this race weekend due to the fact that DTM was driving the same weekend. This made Friday really intense and fun with a lot of time in the car. I felt like I had a good pace and felt more and more like one with the car.

Qualification 1

In my qualification we went out with too low tire pressure and that did of course effect the handling of the car and after we adjusted that there were many hold ups with some red flags so I didn't get one full lap where I could put up a lap time that gave my pace justice and we ended up in the back of the field. I had a lot of amazing fans supporting me and I got some new energy from them to come back strong in race 1!

Race 1

I started the race and got a decent start, I was in the back of the field fighting my way up and even though I felt like I had good speed in all the corners, gaining inch by inch on the other cars, they had more speed on the long straights of Lausitzring. This is a lot due to BoP, balance of performance, which basically is a rule in the series to make sure that the cars are as equal as possible in performance. Our Audi is great when it comes to corners and handling and some of the other cars are faster on the straights. With that said, there are tracks that suit both my driving and the car better. It was really fun chasing them in the sections where I'm faster though and Marco did a great job.

Race 2

Marco gave us an amazing start and took the car all the way up to P16. Unfortunately we were penalized with an unequitable drive-trough for an incident and that lost us about 30 sec. I got into the car and had a great feeling the whole race and had good lap times. We crossed the line as car number 15 but after some penalties were handed out we finished as P11 which felt great!

I learned a lot this weekend and had a great time, I cannot wait for the next race weekend to be here!

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