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Racereport 30 april - 1 may Sachsenring!

Free practice 1: In the first free practice I had a really good pace throughout, but was a little slower in the first section of the track than the second and third which went really well. I had the best lap times in the team on those two sections in the first practice and of course I am happy with that pace. Unfortunately I spun of and that lost me some valuable time on the track but I was happy with my lap times and was excited to get on the track for free practice 2, where I wanted even more time in the car and on the track.

Free practice 2: In this practice I did not at all find my rythm and I did not get the settings on the car right to match my driving. Sadly I concentrated a little bit too much on that and couldn’t find the pace from practice 1. Of course every second on the track gives you experience and I learned a lot in this practice even if i didn’t get the lap times that I was hoping for.

Qualification 1: In my qualification I wanted to get back out on the track and redeem myself for the bad practice before. I think I put a lot of pressure on myself and the driving was a little bit forced. Therefore the qualification did not go as well as I planned and we ended up in P26, not where I wanted to be.

Race 1: In race 1 I started out in P26 and got a good start but didn’t really get my rythm right. Also there was a lot of safety car during my time on the track which both pushed the field together and made it hard to get a good pace on the track. I really hoped for more time on the track in race 2 to get more comfortable in the car to put the times that I know I can do on the board.

Qualification 2: Marco did the qualification and did a really good job. He had some trouble getting temperature in the front tires which of course affects the handling of the car. He took us to P22 and I think he did an awesome job considering the circumstances.

Race 2: Marco started the race and had a good pace, when I got into the car I tried to not think to much about the pressure I put on myself in my qualification and in race 1. When I am relaxed I drive my best and i hoped that by removing the pressure would result in better lap times for me. To have the right amount of pressure is really important for me, if it’s to much i lock up and don’t do well but of course a little pressure is needed to perform on top.

To summarize the weekend I have to say that it does not feel like a step forward but hopefully we can do some more testing so that I get comfortable in the car and get back to my driving! I really want to set some good lap times, especially since I know what I can usually do! I will never give up and next raceweekend I’m going all in, just like I will keep doing until the results come!

Big thanks to everybody for the comments, likes and the support from fans, family and sponsors!

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