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Racereport 16-17 April 2016 Oschersleben

Time to recap the weekend, and what a weekend it's been!

Started the weekend on Friday with two free practices where I got a couple of good laps on a wet track. Felt good to feel how the car handles on a wet surface and get som good lap times in. In the second practice I had a good pace and had between 10th to 15th time when the track was drying up from the rain. I didn't get to many laps in on the dry surface which was hard when most of the races were on slicks and on dry track.

Qualification 1 was my qualification, for those of you who don't know me and Marco always do one qualification each and the driver who did the qualification also starts the race. This was my qualification and I ended up being about 1 second slower than the top 4 drivers. I really felt like I was pushing and had a great pace but this only shows how tough the competition is!

Race 1 where I started driving felt good and I started to catch up to the cars in front of me. I kept pushing to pass them since I had faster lap times but got a little bit ahead of myself trying to overtake them and hit a curb too hard and lost the rear. It was to hard for me to recover from, especially with rear wheel drive and I spun off into the gravel. Unfortunately race 1 ended here for us.

Qualification 2 which was Marcos qualifying went really well to begin with. The team went with rain tires after a lot of consideration and Marco set top 3 times in the rain. The track started to dry up and a lot of teams changed to slicks which we also decided to do. We had really bad luck with timing though because right after Marco got his slicks on there was a red flag. When he finally got the car out on the track with slicks there was no tome to get the temperature up in the tires.

Race 2 started in P26 with Marco driving, he held a great pace throughout the first half of the race and we made an amazing driverchange where we made up a lot of time! It was extremely exciting to be thrown into the race without the element of starting. Just go all in right away! I managed to climb a bit in the field and was in P15 when the safety car pushed the field together. In the same moment as the field was released I see on my dashboard that my air pressure is low in my right rear tire. I only have two laps to go and talk to the team via radio. They tell me to take it easy but I did not want to let the two chasing cars behind me pass. In the very last turn I had really low pressure in the tire and could not push the car anymore so finished in P17.

I would like to end this weekend by thanking each and every one of you that are supporting me! I love reading all of your comments and it means a lot to me that you follow my journey! Also a big thanks to all of my sponsors, my awesome team and of course my teammate Marco!

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