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Official test days / Race week!!!

After making it official that I'll be driving in ADAC GT Masters in an Audi R8 LMS with Aust Motorsport, I had a few days off, and then it was time again to drive my beauty! (But also beast, holy *** it's going fast!) It was the 2 official test days at Oschersleben. 30 cars, 60 drivers, and I can really say it's gonna be a tough and challenging season with lots of exciting racing! I get more and more comfortable with the car and driving style, it's completely different from driving a front wheel driven car, but Marco is a great help and also the team are very supportive! At the moment I feel that I couldn't have been in a better place :-)

The last days has been quite a lot about sponsor-work, but by tomorrow it's onto race-mode! Friday we have our two free practices, and then on Saturday 09.25 I'll do the qualifying, and at 13.15 the first half of the race. Then we have a 5 min "open window" to go in, and within 65 sec change drivers, and then Marco drives the rest of the race! For Sunday it's the same procedure, just turned around so Marcos makes the qualifying and first half of the race. Want to follow us live? Go into "Calendar" and click on the link under "livestream" and there you can see it all live! Now I'm off soon to the gym, an easy session to prepare for the weekend. Hejhej,


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