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January, February soon March!

Busy months, not much racing! Lot's of work in Åre, Sweden, Audi Driving Experience. Been good fun, especially the ladies day! 20 girls full on energy on the ice, can it be better? Also very happy that Max and his trainer Jake, and also Jon had the time to take a visit and some spins on the ice. Now the ADE is finished though, and the Audi Test Drive starts, which is a 15 h drive on the ice for only 100 SEK (which goes straight to charity). So if you're in Åre, stop by at Audi Test Drive, have fun and contribute to charity!

Before Åre I held a lecture about my racing at the Audi dealer in Karlshamn. During their event they also had a contest in "First aid". You had to make a test on a doll, and then the doll had sensors that measured if you did it right or wrong, and after 2 min you got a result in per centage. Guess mine? 98 %! So if you ever need to get saved, I'm the one ;-) After that it was straight up to Åre, and 2 weeks of Audi Driving Experience. It's good fun, but it's long days (8-17 with the first costumers, then at 19 the new ones come) and I'm happy to start with Audi Test Drive now for 4 weeks. But I won't be there the whole time, some trips to Stockholm and other places in order to set the season 2016! Promise you, not long until I can tell you what it's all about :-) All the best, M

First aid, 98 %

Happy costumers, happy Mikaela!

Hello :-)

Max and his trainer Jake taking a lap on the 3 km long ice track

Me, Max and Jon :-)

These ladies makes me smile all the time! Anja and Filippa, and my hero, mum <3

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