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Ciao 2015, Hello 2016!

So, last hours of 2015! It's been a year that contained pretty much all. When it comes to the racing I've had my high's, and also low's. The last month's of 2015 has been a lot about next year (of course), and like always it's a lot of work.

But, I always say and know, that in the end, it's totally worth it! The joy I had when driving the R8 LMS in Vallelunga, that joy I'd like to feel more often. Simply amazing! When it comes to work, I've worked a lot for Audi Driving Experience and Audi Sweden.

For ADE I meet people all over the world, all from dealers to costumers. You exchange so many interesting discussions and thought's, and also lots of fun and laughter! For Audi Sweden I've gotten the chance to visit many dealers and their costumers, and it's great fun every time! To be out there, represent Audi Sweden, put a smile on the dealers and their costumers face, really makes my day so happy and joyful! All that, and then having great colleagues both at Audi Sweden and ADE, also makes the day a good day :-) For family and friends, I couldn't be happier. I'm so greatful to have them in my life, always understanding and always helping me.

True, some advices maybe hurt because you have to face the truth, but a true friend know you and knows what's best for you. Also all of my friends over social medias, I may not have met you all in real life, but your uplifting words and support is always highly appreciated by me! Without you life would definitly be harder. I'm also greatful to call my cooperation partners my friends. Having chat's and dinner with them, truly feels like friendship. When speaking about my cooperation partners, I decided to not give them gifts this year, as a thanks. Instead, I've donated 100 SEK per cooperation partner to the Swedish Cancer Foundation. Ending the year and starting the new one, in a better way for a better cause.

To all of you, Happy New Year! I wish you success, happiness and a healthy 2016 :-) Yours,


One of the receipt's to the Cancer Foundation.

Visiting the Audi Dealer in Hudiksvall, good fun!

With costumers at Audi Driving Experience Center!

My absolute high of the year, 3rd place at Norisring!

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