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Sthlm-KD-Abu Dhabi-Vallelunga-Sthlm

Landed in Stockholm at 05.55 this Wednesday, and then it was straight to work! My mum's colleague lives just by the airport, so once I've landed I drank some Swedish coffee (there is no better coffee than the Swedish one!) and then the work started. Lot's of emails and prep work, but I was happy to be back. Susanne (my mum) and Anders are two really inspiring persons, and I love to work with and for them. On Thursday evening there was a suprise event for Thomas, a "colleague" (now former) at Audi Sweden. They had planned a surprise event at Audi Forum in Stockholm, and I was so honored being asked to be a part of it! Lot's of nice words, I and the rest will really miss Thomas! Then it was straight home, wash a lot of clothes, and get ready for next weeks events. Unfortunately from all swimming in Bali I've gotten an ear infection, hopefully I'll make it through all 6 flights I have planned within the next week. First up is Abu Dhabi to visit Max at his test next week! Looking forward a lot to see him, and see him driving in real life :-) Then I'll travel to Vallelunga, for a test with Audi Driving Experience in the new R8 LMS! I'm soooooo excited!! I'm sure it's gonna be good fun :-) After that I'm heading to Stockholm again, to have a season dinner at Pontus! with my cooperation partners, family and friends. A fine way to really end the season 2015, Audi Sport TT Cup.

So that's pretty much was next week will be about, lots of travelling but also lots of fun!

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