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Enjoying some time off

At the moment I'm in Bali on holiday, and all I can say is that it's lovely!

I've been here a week now, which means one more week to go before I head back to Sweden. I can't say I've been entirerly off from the "other" world, some emails has been sent, some phone calls has been made, but mostly I've taken the time off to relax and enjoy Bali. Me and my best friend Jenny took a visit to Ubud and Moneky Forest on my birthday, we also took a Yoga Class at the Yoga Barn, and later on visited the special rice fields. Such a amazing day where we experienced a lot! Yesterday and the day before we visited the Gili Islands, and I can really say that the beaches and the water was like heaven on earth. So so beautiful.

Now we're back in Sanur, will take some days here before going to Seminyak, and hopefully there learn how to surf! Haha, we'll see how we handle that challenge. Anyway, just wanted to make an update about what's life bringing me now. But believe me, plans and work for 2016 is still ongoing ;-) All the best,


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