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Audi Dealer Meeting 2015, Barcelona

For about 2,5 week in total I'll be at this wonderful place, Barcelona! We currently have the Audi Dealer Meeting 2015 here, and my work is to drive the new R8 V10+ at the race circuit Castellolí. It's good fun, and the track is very nice to drive! Good rhythm, nice fast corners and some long straights to enjoy the sound of the R8 ;-) But also, staying in Barcelona is very nice. The city is amazingly big, and as soon as I get well (I still have a cold since Hockenheim...) I'll put my running shoes on and explore it as much as I can! But I can already say, that all the small restaurants are so nice, tapas, paella, and that the city really lives by night! At 09:00 in the morning (like now) it's almost dead! But by night, wow! So much people, it's incredible. Time to get ready for work! Bye, M

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