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A summary directly from my heart.

When things don't go the way you wished for, you have to take out the good parts and focus on them.

To end a disaster weekend with at least a fastest lap time in race 2, ahead of all TT Cup drivers and 2 Audi factory drivers, makes me at least a bit happier after a season that has in total been very tough.

After a P2 time in free practice, a P12 was not my goal for quali.

In race 1 focus was straight forward, but when I got totally smashed in turn 3 my race ended very early.

In race 2 once again the goal was to drive fast and overtake! And believe me, I did ;-) After 6 laps I was P5, had set the fastest lap time, when once again I got smashed in between 2 cars. In the same corner as race 1!

Then you really think it's a joke....

I said as a joke, the only time I was sweaty during the weekend was in the Audi VIP Lounge, cause it was so warm in there haha!

So, speed was really there this weekend, and from my side it has been that the whole season, I just haven't put it all together in the qualis. That, plus being crashed out in 4 races, was not a high for me.

But I've learned a lot, had a lot of fun, got at least one podium, got to know many great persons, and became a part of the #AudiSport #TTCup family!

I also want to reach out a big thank you for all support, to my family, friends, and most of all my cooperation partners!! Thank you for understanding, that racing is not always a straight line to success.

But I will keep on fighting, keep on chasing my dream!

Thank you for always believing in me.

Now I have 2,5 weeks of work in Barcelona ahead of me with #AudiDrivingExperience, and also full focus on season 2016.

Let's see what it brings! :-)

Happy with fastest lap time!

Two nice, humble and funny persons! Was a pleasure to get to know Jon and Janni :-)

Sad that the season is over, but thanks guys for often giving me a smile on my lips beside the race track!

The "killing" corner that took me out of both races.... Not my favorite one ;-)

So happy Max came to support me :-)

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