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Up and down at NBR

Nürburgring was an up and down weekend for me. Free practice was OK with P9, and qualifying was not supergood with P11. But, in race 1 pace was good and after a red flag I ended up P6. So feeling was good after race 1, and I was really looking forward to race 2! Unfortunately that ended quite early, since the car infront of me braked out of turn 1, I hit it with my front, and my cooler broke.... So just another weekend were things didn't go my way. But like I said, race 1 I'm happy with, so I have to focus on that, and for race 2 I couldn't do anything. Next will be Hockenheim, and up til Hockenheim I have some work for Audi Sweden that I'm looking forward to, one lecture at Grand Thornton in Jönköping, and then hopefully some time with friends and family :-) Cheers for now,


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