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Audi Driving Experience with Audi Denmark!

Hi there! From one track and audi event to another! :-) Directly after Hockenheim I went to Denmark, and firstly Sjaellandsringen for one week, and this week at Jyllandsringen. We do stage 1 courses, which means more basic driving and stage 2, which means more advanced driving. (More track driving simply) We also do some courses for younger people, 18-22 years old. For me I really enjoy doing this job in Denmark, firstly because Audi Denmark are a cooperation partner to me, but of course also since it such a mix of people! Younger, older, experienced, yes all from 0-100. It's always fun to see an improvement, no matter from which level they start from.

Then it's also a plus, that Denmark is a such a nice country! Especially now at Spring, just love it! Below some pictures a great photographer took at Sjaellandsringen, Lior Zilberstein

Tomorrow we have a free day, and then I'll just try to enjoy as much as possible of it :-)

Have a nice Thursday you too! //Mikaela

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