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Hello and very warm welcome to my new homepage!

Hi everyone, (or yes, the people finding their way to my new homepage and blog ;-) ) You’re all sincerely welcome to my new homepage and blog! For those of you knowing me, (and you who doesn’t, will get to know me a little more via this blog) knows I am no good with Internet and computers. So you understand that I haven’t built and designed this homepage myself. Therefore I’d like to start with, a massive thank you to my uncle, Philipp Kottulinsky. Ever since we took up our contact, he’s been by my side, supporting and pushing me forward in tough times and been one of the truly happiest persons in my good and happy moments! In secrecy he designed and made this homepage for me, just sending me some pictures and giving me some glimpse’s of it all. When he showed me the whole homepage, I got so happy, and proud of his work I wanted to show the whole world how great he is! So, that is what we’re doing now.

Sharing my story and my journey, via this homepage made by my always proud uncle. As you know the season is really coming up, just take a look at “calendar” and see how the days, minutes and seconds are counting down to the first races at Hockenheim! Therefore I made seat fitting in Kempten earlier this week, and on Saturday we’ll have our second test. Really looking forward to drive my very own beauty, and gain more experience! That was it for now, best regards


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