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Good to be back, it´s Gelleråsen time!

After a long summer break it´s finally time to race again! My summer contain time with family and friends, some working days and events (tested and drove the fully electric PWR001, always a pleasure!) but now it´s time to fully get back in business. Gelleråsen is coming up, ofcourse with a nice memory from last years historic win. I often get the question "So okey, you´re gonna win again?" Well, you always want to win. You always want to stand on top of the podium.

Some days you succeed with that, some days you don't.

It´s not only about yourself having a good day, also your team and car has to be on top, no technical failures, being in the right "time window", making sure to not be in the wrong place at the wrong time on the track, making the right decisions weather wise, etc etc.

We all want to win, not only this race but every race, and we all want to do our best. So my answer to your question will be: I want to do my best, get the maximum out of our performance, and then we´ll see how far we´ll come with that that particular day.

We´re racing a Saturday Sunday weekend again, so if you wanna follow us here is the time schedule:

Saturday: FP1 - 09.00

FP2 - 12.20 Q1 - 15.15

Q2 - 15.40 Sunday: Warm Up - 09.00

R1 - 12.40

R2 - 15.45 For livestream: SBF Play For PWR coverage: Facebook - Instagram - Homepage

Below will come joyful pics from 2018 follow, by Adam Klingeteg and Daniel Ahlgren.


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