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Morgonpasset i P3, Bergrummet, Skellefteå/Fällfors and the feeling of missing a wedding.

Anderstorp started off well with a P4 in qualifying, unfortunately we didn't get it all together for the races and finished with a P5 and P10.

This weekend though we´ll get a new chance on a brand new track! Skellefteå, Fällforsen is giving us the longest track ever seen in Sweden, together with evening races. So new impressions in many ways! This weekend we´ll again race Friday and Saturday with the times: Friday: FP1 11.30 - 12.00 FP2 14.10 - 14.40

Q1 19.15 followed by Q2 Saturday: Warm up 12.00 - 12.12

R1 14.30

R2 20.05 Links to follow us: SBF Play, SRL

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During this 2 week break I had time though to do quite many things, such as taking part in a big morning radio show, and becoming a part of a museum! To listen to the radio show, click on the link and fast forward aprox 34 min: Morgonpasset i P3

If you´re however in Stockholm, you should head to Bergrummet - Tidö Collection of Toys and Cosmics, where I´m now fronted together with names as Ronnie Peterson, Ewe Rosqvist and Björn Waldegård. Feeling extremely honored to share the museum with these big names!

Another things this weekend though, is that I´ll be missing some of my closest friends wedding. We´re a big group of friends since High School, and sweetest thing is that these 2 friends got together after we´d finished High School.

This is a part of the racing life that many tend to forget, that often you have to say no to things you´d never want to miss, simply because you can´t miss a race/event etc. In the end, it´s my job. However, if I would´t love my sport like I do and still feel that in the end it was worth it, I wouldn´t continue racing. Finest part in this whole story is, that they fully understand my situation, even though we´re both sad that I´ll be missing it.

I got the question in the radio show actually, how it is to be my friend and if friends don't get annoyed.

My answer was, that the close friends I have for sure do get annoyed and very often disappointed, but that doesn't mean that they don't understand and support me and my situation. Because they do, and for that I´m forever grateful.

That no matter how many times I need to cancel last minute, have to say no to an event/happening, need to leave earlier/arrive later, they´re still there as my real friends. For that, they´re worth endless of love. So Sofie and Magnus, I wish you and everyone els attending to the wedding the best of days and nights, and to many more to come! I love you.

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