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Race weekend 2 is coming up – Anderstorp!

Always when the racing weekend ends, and you know its about 4 weeks til the next one it feels like ages.

However, you always tend to fill you schedule with work/events/happenings and time passes by quickly!

Straight after Knutstorp I took a quick visit to Hannover for a very exciting meeting, followed by two filming days with Continental Sweden.

We did a shooting together with the Danish Triathlete Camilla Lykke, where she tried my CUPRA with Continental Sport Contact 6, and I tried her tri bike, also suited with Conti tires. Very interesting to change views, as we both are sharing the road.

Stay tuned for result! After this I went to Denmark for a few days of instructor work, followed by a last minute call to visit the WTCR weekend at Zandvoort.

Was very interesting to watch this race and the team close by, as of course not everything is shown on TV. Then with no stopover at home I went straight to another destination with filming, once again something very exciting that I cant share just yet! Keeps eyes open ;-) So time flew by quickly, 3,5 weeks passed and now it’s time for race weekend no 2 in TCR Scandinavia at Anderstorp. Former Swedish F1 track, and in my opinion the quickest track in Sweden. (Don’t take me by my words, maybe average speed is quicker on another track? Anyhow it has a very long straight!) As always you can follow me and PWR Racing Team on: Homepage PWR Racing Team Facebook PWR Racing Team

Live stream TCR Scandinavia, SRL Time schedule and racing this weekend: Saturday: FP1 09.00

FP2 11.40 Q1 14.40

Q2 15.05 Sunday: Warm up 09.00

R1 12.35

R2 15.20

Enjoy! //Mikaela

Photos: PWR Racing Team, Joakim Åström

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