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Times flies by fast - time for season opener!

TCR Scandinavia 2019 Season 19 is about to start, and I´d lie if I said I wasn’t excited!

2 weeks ago we did 2 pre season testing days at Ring Knutstorp, productive ones because for this season we´ll drive with Yokohama slicks instead of Michelin, meaning there was (and still is) a lot to discover and find out. Happy that we got 2 days with many laps, and man it was good to be back in the car! It´s a little bit like riding a bike. At the start you feel kind of nervous, a bit stiff in your muscles and you think “do I really remember how to do this?” After a while though you start to relax, you get into the flow and the pure joy and adrenaline of it all is back!

Winter 19 has been quite a hectic one, starting off with the launch of the Continental Ice Contact 3 with ContiFlexStud. We did a 3 day filming in Finland, testing the tire and putting it to its limit. To watch the result of it, please click here : Ice Contact 3 ContiFlexStud

This was followed by Bilsportgalan where I was awarded with the nomination of “Årets Eldsjäl” for my work for Women both within Motorsport and the work to inspire others to try it :-)

I also did a recording for “Workpodden”, all in Swedish but if you´d like to listen, click on this link: Workpodden Mikaela Åhlin-Kottulinsky The longest stop for the winter tour was in Åre, working as an instructor for various events such as CUPRA Winter Experience. Wow how much fun it is to drive on the ice!! The best part was honestly when I drove and competed against my coworker and longtime friend Filip – its funny how a little competition on a 3k ice track can be so exciting… The last stop was actually to France and Le Mans, as I supported the 3 Swedish finalist girls for the FIA WIM Girls On Track Challenge. So proud of their progress and focus during the 3 days of the event, and as I told them “no matter what happens here this will be a life time experience and something you´ll have with you forever.”

Since the winter working period I´ve moved to Gothenburg, been a week to Fuerteventura for training and done smaller events/meetings: all to prepare for season 2019. (And to create myself a home in my new town haha!) So, tomorrow the start lights turn off at Ring Knutstorp for the first of 6 (or 7 not confirmed yet) rounds of TCR Scandinavia: Ring Knutstorp 3-4 May

Anderstorp Skellefteå, Falkenberg


Jyllandsringen (TBD) Mantorp As always, follow us on PWR Racing Team social media: Facebook PWR

Instagram PWR Or watch the races live at SBF Play: SBF Play Times for the we are: Friday:

FP 1: 10.40

FP2: 12.50

Q1: 16.20 Q2: 16.45


Warm Up: 08.55 R1: 13.10

R2: 15.25 Love, Sun and Hugs! Mikaela

Pics from pre testing, Joakim Åström, PWR Racing Team

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