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2018 brought my genuine smile back

That´s the capture that I had to my lastest post on both Instagram and Facebook, regarding my year 2018. Some posts earlier here on this page, I wrote about a tough season 17, that things simply got too much and that I´d lost my genuine smile. In my latest post I wrote that it ain't easy to always follow my new path, that I sometimes get lost, but that's okey because we all loose our trace sometimes. What's important is to remember why I (or you) do what I do, come back to the main purpose - to have fun and enjoy life. Sure, the way to success, or happiness isn't the same for everyone. And for that I´m forever grateful to the people helping me to find my way, and for the ones supporting me along "my way". Sometimes I get the feeling that people what to brag about a wonderful year, or on the other hand say that they´ve had a horrible one so that people will feel sorry for them. My favorite year recaps are the ones that are brutally honest, where there is pure happiness, or truly sad stories, with either an ask for help because there is a will to move forward, or with a happy story to inspire others. To dare to be vulnerable, is in my eyes to be strong. My year recap isn't about bragging about a great and very happy year, it's more about inspiring others, that things can turn around with the right help, support and mindset, and on the same time thank the ones helping me to come to the state I am in now.

Some people need to have a fixed plan to feel well. To plan every single second of their life. Some people get stressed out by a fixed plan, and feel better when they are open to life and it's possibilities. End of 17, beginning of 18 I read a book that opened up with a quote from Joseph Cambell, saying: "We must be willing to get rid of the life we've planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us." I love this quote, because it captures my way of feeling well in such a good way. I have dreams, I have goals, I have visions. But I try not to plan too much, because in the end it might not end up just like that anyway.

So I try to focus on taking step by step, and see what that leads to.

So that's my way, what's yours for 2019? Love, Mikaela

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