Falkenberg we´re on our way!

July 5, 2018

Last weekend served us well, P8 and P7 from starting P13. Double point finishes!
Great feeling to have two clean races and good race pace :-)


Next up will be Falkenberg, a in general quick track with long sweeping corners.
Alongside me I have my great team, making sure both I and Britt-Marie (yes, that´s the name of my race Cupra) are ready.
More specifically on my car I have 4 persons: 

Marcus - engineer 
Jonas - Mechanic

Lisa - Mechanic

Elina - Tyre mechanic

Then also Markus (we have 3 Mark(c)us in our team, 3 Daniel, 3 Henrik, 2 Robert, yeah as you can see, loads of names and people hehe) is our performance engineer, alongside with Henrik, Andreas and Robert on the engineering side. 
I belive we are over 40 persons in the team, however I´ve never experienced a team feeling like this before, despite the big size of the team.

But regarding Falkenberg, it will once again be a Saturday - Sunday race weekend:

FP1 - 09.00

FP2 - 13.30

Q1 - 16.45

Q2 - 17.10



Warm up - 09.00

Race 1 - 13.00

Race 2 - 15.20

To follow the action from my point of view, follow PWR Racing Team!

Next up: race feels modus!




 Lisa and Jonas

 Me and Marcus



 Jonas - Me - Lisa

Britt-Marie in chasing mode! 

 That´s me!

My 80 year old Grandpa came to see the race :-)



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