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RX, Helicopter, Audi Sport Tour,Örebro Race Day, Italy!

Life in racing speed! That's exactly how it feels now, time is just running away! From Zandvoort I had some days in Sweden for meetings and planning for next season, and I'm happy to say I have some exciting things coming up... But you'll have to wait a while before I can tell you ;-) Anyhow, I got invited to do a second run in the RX150 Buggy! This time at Lydden Hill, and damn I was close to a podium... P2 in my first heat, then P6 and then P3. For the start I took P2, but came only half a lap before another buggy run me over... Was truly a shame cause I had the speed for a podium, but you know what they say; That's racing! After the race Ollie gave me the great opportunity to fly Helicopter oven London City, in the sunset! Believe me, that was a once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget. I also got the chance to control the helicopter a while, and oh my I was nervous! But I made it, and I was very proud (and filled with adrenaline!) afterwards. Many thanks to Ollie and his family for treating me like one of their own, I had a great time in England.

In beginning of September it was back to Audi Sport Tour work, and I've really missed my colleagues and to meet at the costumers of the Audi Dealers of Sweden. Like always, good fun. For the 9th-10th of September it was Örebro Race Day on the schedule, and wow what an event! So many enthusiastic spectators and fans, such a great crowd of people out there. I felt honored to drive an Audi R8 V10+ infront of all these people, and on the same streets as Marcus Ericsson drove his Sauber F1 car. Was a truly amazing weekend and I'd do it all over again if I could. What's up next? One week in Italy, a country I've always been fascinated about!

First up I'll be co-driver for my cooperation partner Bruse, as he attends the Gran Premio Nuvolari. Also very grateful to get this opportunity. Many pics promised on social medias! After that a few days at Garda Lake to visit Marco and do some go carting, he's job is to improve my qualifying skills. I think it will be good practice! Take care all of you, and enjoy the great things in life! //M

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