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Back in business!

Sorry for the lack of updates, it’s been a lot lately. Firstly after RBR I did a week of work for Audi Driving Experience, launch of the new R8 V10 plus, good fun driving that car! Or actually, our leader cars were the old ones, but one day they wanted to do a test with the new one, so they asked me to make a 20 min full stint. My answer? Hell yeah ;-) It’s really amazing the new car, so well balanced! Awesome to drive. After the week in Neuburg I went home, did some racingwork and spent time with friends and family, and then I headed back to Neuburg for another week with ADE :-) The last ADE day I had a Swedish group, which was great fun! When Neuburg was finished, I headed directly to Hudiksvall, for some Audi Sport Tour at Bilmetro. At Bilmetro, I found my future dream car! (at least “for fun”) A mini R8, look at the pic above! It had a normal mode, one turbo mode, it could play music and you could also plug in your phone and play music, and it also had flashing lights!!! I swear, I fell in love with that car, so cool.

After Hudiksvall I went to Stockholm, and “Kräftskiva” (like a kind of party were all eat a special kind of seafood) with Audi Sweden, VW Sweden and 50 motor journalists. I made firstly a presentation about my racing, and then Ramona Karlsson made one from here RX. Theme? Girlpower! Was also great fun. If I went home then? Haha no. Directly flew to Germany and Sachsenring, to visit Yaco Racing at GT Masters. Was a really inspiring weekend with great racing. Would be a dream come true if I could race the R8 LMS Ultra in GT Masters next year :-) Yesterday I did a test in the Swedish ASN's new simulator! Was good fun, and really good practice. They made a great choice to invest in this simulator. I'll for sure be back, hopefully very soon! Now some racing work, and prep for Oschersleben and race week next week! :D Take care,


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