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Norisring, Audi Unite, ADE Neuburg, vacation!

Told you an update would follow, and here it is :-) Sorry for the delay, but my life is nothing but hectic at the moment. Directly after Norisring I went to Neuburg for a day there with Audi Norway and two journalists from Norway. Monday morning it was departure to Visby Gotland, and “Almedalsveckan” together with Audi Sweden and Audi Unite. Audi Unite is a newly started concept in Sweden, where up to 5 persons/small companies can share a car. Great if you live in a big city, and don’t have to use the car all the time! For more information, visit Audi Swedens/Audi Unite’s homepage: Anyway, update from Norisring and Audi Sport TT Cup it was! Friday’s practice ended in a P6, which I was quite happy with. On Saturday morning it was quali time, with very mixed conditions. We got out on rain tires, even though it wasn’t that wet on the track. My plan was to wait out the “little rain”, but it actually increased, so Kris (my coach) told me to go out and make 2 quick laps. So I did, and final result was P3 for race 1 and 2!! For the race later it was rain, and since I didn’t get that much experience from Hockenheim, we had to “guess” on the tire pressure. A bit to high pressure, plus a bit to much pushing from my side, ended in way to hot front tires and I fell down to P7. For the Sunday race the conditions was different, that day it was dry. My start from P3 was really not good, but I kept my place, which I also then did til the end of the race! But believe me, it was 2 last very hectic laps…. I had a gap of 3 seconds to P4 and P5, but then when we where about to overtake a car that was one lap behind, he didn’t move, so I lost my contact with P2, and P4 and P5 came way to close…. That, plus an MASSIVE over steering (if you want to see it, take a visit to my facebook page!) in the second last corner, made the last 2 laps very nerve wrecking! But I made it, and made it to my first podium of the Audi Sport TT Cup! Writing history at Norisring again, was amazing!

So as you understand, nothing but happiness :-) :-) :-)

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