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Shortly in Sweden, and then back to Germany!

Had a great week in Germany last week, "ladies special" with Rahel, dinner with Audi Norway in Munich and great weather! Was a good fun week :-) Then I flew back to Sweden for 2 days of work at Audi Sport Tour, this time in Linköping! Always nice to visit the Swedish dealers. Then today I've had a "catch up racing" day, where most of the time I've sitten behind the computer. Now I'm almost finished, so that feels great. Later today I'll meet up with two of my best friends, but before that todays workout at KMTI. Tomorrow I'll be flying back to Germany for a days work on Friday. So yeah, in one way it would be better if I lived there ;-) But, I could never leave Sweden! At least that's how it feels now. Have a good day, hejhej! //M

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