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Day off? Doesn't exist....

What do I do, when I don't have any race in Audi Sport TT Cup, work at Audi Driving Experience, work at Audi Sport Tour or by Driving Event Producers? Usually you have day off, right? Well, I don't! Okey, I shouldn't be like that, of course I sometimes also have days off, but not that often any more :-) As soon as I come home I usually work by the computer, emails, racing work and so on. It's the life I choose, to reach my dream. Many people think a race driver only drive races, and that's it. And, maybe that's the case for some, but for me, chasing my dream and fighting for it, it's all about work almost 24/7! But, if I reach my dream, I know it will all be worth it :-)

Cheers from the computer! ;-) //M

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