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Speedy weekend, but unlucky!

So, first race weekend is over with Audi Sport TT Cup. In the qualifying I managed to do P5 times for both race 1 and 2 (qualifying in the rain) and I was jumping high of joy!!! Feeling in the rain was really good, got a good rhythm and found a good line. For race 1 I came out pretty good in the start, but 2 cornes later I got hit.... Could manage to continue driving, but lost of course some places and ended up in the end P9. (P8 among us fixed drivers) So absolutely okey regarding the circumstances, also since I had some technical issues from middle of the race. But, speed was also good in the beginning in dry, which I was happy with :-)

For race 2 the forecast was rain, and once again I got a good start. Due to an incident in the start, we got Safety Car, and in the restart I got hit so badly that I couldn't continue the race. Very sad, since I felt my pace was good. All I hope for now is "better luck" for next time and not so many contacts between cars in the races. But otherwise it really was a cool weekend, A LOT of media and attention to the new cup! I believe it's gonna be a cool year, and I'm looking forward to the challenges it will bring! It's a great car, in a series where the level is extremely high. To make a good result, you really have to have a good day! That was it from me now, wish you all a nice Monday! //Mikaela

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