• Mikaela Ahlin-Kottulinsky

2 weeks done, 10 to go!

On Thursday it´s already been 2 weeks for me on these crutches. Which means, 2 more with this plaster (cast?) and then it´s time for the new one! So far I´ve gotten a good training plan from my local gym, KMTI, and week 1 is done. I´ve said it before, and I say it again. My arms after these 3 months... I´m telling you, no one will want to fight with me then! ;-) I´m so grateful for all the supporting messages, and all help I´ve gotten. Truly appreciate it! For now I have some exciting meetings this week, followed next week by the Swedish Athlete Gala, and then a trip to Kitzbühel for Audi and Red Bull.

After that I head back to northern Sweden, Åre, for the Audi Awards for the Swedish Audi Dealers. So even though I´m wearing this big white thing on my foot, I'll have a busy January filled with travelling. I´ll be expert on easy packing, since the only bag I can use is a backpack ;-)

February is also filled with events, such as F1 Zoom Charity Gala in London, 50th year anniversary Gala for Rallycross in Birmingham, and then of course work as an instructor for Audi Sweden. So hopefully these 10 weeks will pass by as quick as possible!

All the best, Yours, Mikaela

Anyone up for it?

My friend Elin took me first to picnic by my favorite spot, then to the movies!

When you can´t carry things in your hands, you need to be creative!

It will be me against this "stavmaskin" many times during these 10 weeks...

But, what doesn´t kill you makes you stronger!

Walking (jumping) along the streets around my new apartment in Stockholm. Moving in fully though when my foot is recovered.

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